Be-You-tiful ! Choose the hairstyle that suits your face shape!

Be-You-tiful ! Choose the hairstyle that suits your face shape.

Rounded Face: If you have a round face work with layers. They help make the face appear longer. Avoid one length cuts, as they can emphasize roundness.

Oval Face: This face shape works particularly well with short hair. To soften facial features or balance a long face, try adding bangs, waves, or layers. Steer clear of a lot of volume, especially on the top of the head.

Heart Face: A heart shaped face is wider at the top and angled at the chin. People with this face shape can experiment with varying lengths. Add some bangs! Either across the face or longer side-swept ones and layers near the cheeks work well with a heart shape.

Square Face: The best fit for this face shape is a soft cut (any length) with layers. Layers should start around the chin to soften the jawline. As for bangs, create movement with tousled, choppy bangs. Avoid sharp-edged bobs or straight bangs.

So what is your face shape? Unsure? Share a picture with us and one of our professional stylist will give you feedback.