Winter Hair Guide

Do the winter storms have you counting down the days until spring? Your hair is right along with you. To keep your tresses protected during this chilly season, follow these tips:

Hydration Station: If your scalp is as dry as the air, hydrate before bed using Oribe’s Gold Lust. The light oil conditions, strengthens, and smooths hair overnight so your hair can brace the elements the next day.  Also, apply before putting on a hat to ensure a smooth and low-maintenece look when you get out of the cold.

Shower Power: While the thought of a hot shower after a cold day sounds appealing, it can be the opposite for your hair. Exposing hair (and scalp) to high temperatures strip the moisture, which can cause breakage and other damage. Instead, enjoy a warm or lukewarm bath or shower for healthy, radiant locks.

Conditioned to Condition: Just like your skin needs extra moisture during the winter, so does your hair. Be sure to use conditioner during the winter, as it provides an extra barrier against static and frizz. If you need an extra boost of moisture, apply a hair masque once a week. The providers at Jaafar Tazi Salon recommend the Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask. It penetrates deep into the hair, helping restore elasticity and rebuild strength.  

All the Trimmings: Keep your hair looking (and feeling) great with regular trims during the winter. By getting a cut every 6-8 weeks, it lessens the chance of dry,splitting ends. Plus, you’ll look stunning once springtime hits.

Follow these tips to protect your gorgeous locks against the elements this winter!